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Pitchure This is a card game inspired by storytelling games like Cards Against Humanity, Dixit and Codenames.

The game is simple.

Tell a story by pitching an idea using a Picture Card to represent the idea.

The best Pitchure (Combined pitch and picture) that matches the Brief Card wins.

Pitchure This was created as a final year design project. The game is designed to introduce the relationship of the brand and brand identity in an accessible form for non designers and to provoke deeper discussions about brand design for designers to discuss. 

Install instructions

Printing Instructions

  1. Print this out at a local print shop.
  2. This game is is best printed with a color printer on a A4 white card stock (200 gsm+).
  3. If you want you can print black on the back of the black cards.
  4. Cut the cards with a paper cutter. The more precise the cut the easier the cards will handle.

Thanks for downloading Pitchure This. Feel free to leave any feedback on the itch.io page or email me at pitchurethis@gmail.com.


PitchureThisV1.1.pdf 1 MB
PitchureThisTheory.pdf 1 MB

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